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Kendra Scott Jewelry Box Review & My Other Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Since moving into our home over a year ago, I have been focusing on decorating in the larger scale but now I’m working on a lot of the small details such as organizing and adding some really fun pieces throughout our home! In the past, I’ve never really focused on our master bedroom or bathroom decor but it is a space that we spent so much time in and it’s been so fun to really make it a beautiful space! It is so important when designing and decorating your home that your decorations are practical and useful! The Kendra Scott jewelry boxes are a perfect example of that! They are extremely useful but extremely beautiful!


Aside from being able to have my most favorite jewelry pieces organized conveniently on my vanity countertop, the designs of the Kendra Scott jewelry boxes are so luxurious and add so much to my decor! My bathroom is primarily Sherwin-Williams extra white and iron ore paint colors with brass and chrome medals! One new trend that can make a room looks so glam and luxurious is through the use of acrylics and crystal!

Kendra Scott jewelry box sitting on a luxury bathroom vanity

There were several pieces of the Kendra Scott jewelry box line that I was interested in but I decided to go with the Tall Antique Brass Jewelry Box in white lacquer and the Large T-Bar Jewelry Stand in antique brass! I decided on these because I thought that they would be good use of space on my countertop since they were tall and not too wide!

Kendra Scott jewelry box sitting on a luxury bathroom

My favorite aspect of the T-Bar Jewelry Stand is the compact design and the material! I love that I can just takeoff my bracelets and necklaces and hang them here! It keeps them from tangling and it keeps them nice and safe and organized! The finish of the brass is the perfect tone and the material of the acrylic is so beautiful!

Kendra Scott jewelry box sitting on a luxury bathroom

I picked this jewelry box because it was tall and wouldn’t take up a lot of counterspace! I love the repeating elements of the acrylic handles and the compartments inside the drawers are perfect for whatever you are wanting to store! I had a hard time deciding between this one and the large antique brass jewelry box and white lacquer but I ultimately decided on this because of the tall and skinny size and also when all of the drawers were closed up you could not see inside. Part of keeping things looking simple and clean is effortlessly hiding your things. I felt like the clear top would not be as clean!

Kendra Scott jewelry box sitting on a luxury bathroom
Kendra Scott jewelry box sitting on a luxury bathroom

Part of creating a luxury bathroom for me was to balance your splurges with your saves! I truly believe that not every item in your home Hass to be a splurge for your home to be luxurious! I love mixing high and low end items to create a fully luxury looking home! I have a plied this concept in my bathroom and I have so many great affordable finds and worth splurges that I am excited to share with you!

One place that we saved was our cabinet hardware! I had blown all of my budget in my kitchen hardware and I needed to find a beautiful affordable piece! I had searched forever before finding these but I’m so glad that I did! Brass is beautiful and the acrylic gives it a really beautiful look!

Another piece in my bathroom that has completely set the tone is our hand cut crystal chandelier! I remember seeing this chandelier at the lighting store when we were building and it was love at first sight! Fast forward one year and I had a fun opportunity to partner up with Crystorama and hang one of their beautiful chandeliers in my bathroom! It is a bit of a splurge piece but it sets the tone for the bathroom and allows me too use a lot of save pieces elsewhere!

Shop the rest of my bathroom!

Kendra Scott jewelry box sitting on a luxury bathroom

Bathroom Colors & Material Sources:

-Our walls are Sherwin Williams Extra White and flat with extra white semi gloss trim

-Our tile floor is Emser Contessa Dama with Rolling Fog grout

-Our cabinets are Sherwin Wiliams Iron Ore in satin

-Our bathroom mirror is a large sheet of mirror and our trim carpenter put a frame around it. As much as I love beautiful frames in bathrooms, our vanities are so wide and I wanted a big mirror space!

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Dr. Brittany Adamiak
Dr. Brittany Adamiak
Jan 16, 2022

How do you have the cord for the lamp hidden?

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