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Building 101: Paint


Painted Brick: Sherwin Williams, Duracraft Exterior Latex Acrylic, Satin, Extra White

Facia: Sherwin Williams, Caviar, Satin

Front Door: Sherwin Williams Caviar Satin

Cedar Headers: Sherwin Williams, Super Deck Oil Based Exterior Deck Stain, Banyan Brown 25% Strength

Tip for picking your stains:

  • Get a scrap piece of wood from your job site (all wood even in the same species takes a bit different so you want it to be from your actual project for best results).

  • Take it to your local paint store. I chose Sherwin Williams in a couple towns over. I spoke to several stores on the phone and I went to the one that I felt had the most workable customer service. Trust me, this matters! Different managers are more flexible and patient then others! Our closest store wasn't super friendly and didn't want to take the time to focus on me and my project! I visited the Sherwin Williams in Watagua, TX! Their manager, Wes, was fantastic and their team really made sure they helped all they could to get a perfect stain color for my exterior headers and interior beam!

  • We started with some stock colors (swatches on the right). After figuring out those weren't right, they helped me pick a custom color to start with!

  • We started with Banyan Brown! I knew we wanted just a bit of protection and color of the natural cedar color but I wanted to eliminate some of the orange tones! Different batches of cedar can look completely different! Ours was a rich orange color! So I loved the ton but I just wanted it to be a bit more brown then orange!

  • Always start with a diminished strength if you are wanting to stay light! They can add more strength but can't take away unless you want to pay for a new can! So we started at 25% and it was perfect! It is the two swatches on the left! One was heavily applied and one was lightly applied and they both came out almost the same!


Interior walls & ceilings: Sherwin Williams, Painters Edge, Extra White, Flat

Trim: Sherwin Williams Extra White, Semi Gloss

Interior Beam: Minwax performance series custom color

Tips for Interior Paint:

  • The shinier the more durable and the easier it is to clean.

  • Our builder did standard flat paint for our walls. It is not hardly wipable... But it doesn't bother me because I have always walked around the house with touch up paint every few months. I have two little boys so things get a little dirty! But if you aren't interested in that I would do a satin or eggshell.

  • I love the semi gloss on our trim and white cabinets! It's very durable and wipes up easily!

  • We did satin with the iron ore! I love the more matte sheen with darker colors! But I didn't want it to be *too* flat where the dark gray looked dusty! So the satin is still smooth enough to be wiped but it has a more modern sheen and not so shiny!

Cabinets in Kitchen and Bathrooms: Sherwin Williams Extra White & Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Note on dark paint:

  • People ask me all the time if the black paint is hard to keep looking clean. You do see greasy fingerprints and it scratches easier then white FOR SURE! But I really wanted it! I firmly believe you should do what you love! I loved the dark so a bit more careful nature and living with some nicks here or there is worth it for me! If you don't do what you love you will regret it and your design won't last as long!

  • Plus, things can always be repainted and touched up!

Fireplace: Sherwin Williams, Duracraft, Iron Ore, Satin

Select Pine Beam Stain for living room: Custom Sherwin Williams Mix

Accent Wall: Sherwin Williams Iron Ore, Super Paint, Satin

Well, there you go! Let me know if you have any questions over on my INSTAGRAM!

Sources from today's pictures:




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Nov 04, 2021

Hi! I love your house and it has been my inspiration for our house. Can you share what black paint you use for your door (exterior and interior)? Is it caviar like your exterior trims? Thank you.

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