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The Hardware in my House

Hi friends! Since your here, I’m assuming your knee deep in the hardware hunt! It can be so overwhelming! I really focused on my cabinet hardware because it’s like jewelry in your home. It adorns your cabinetry and I can have a huge impact on the space! I believe finding hardware you really love can really take a drab kitchen and transform it to fab! 😉

When it comes to hardware finishes, it can be tricky! If you are one of the lucky ones that are not planning to use brass, go ahead and skip this paragraph and know that your life has been made much easier! Haha! Hi brass people! If you have been around well, you know that I wrote a blog post all about my search for finding brass hardware! You can find that post here. My biggest advice is to just order samples! I am very impatient but I ended up having to do this and I should’ve done it from the beginning! Trying to match the different brasses that you might have in your room such as lights or plumbing fixtures I can be hard to find the right tone because it seems like every company has a different brass! Polished, unpolished, satin, brushed, real brass vs brass finish, aged brass, etc etc etc! when you are sending hardware back, don’t forget to use the USPS flat rate priority boxes! I sent back 70 pieces to a company for $15! That really saved me!


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Sources    1  |  2  






OTHER CONTENDERS (Remember these come in all colors and some prices are high because they come in multiples!)




Hope this helps and gives you some good ideas and sources. I have an Amazon Hardware post too if your looking for more ideas! XO Stephanie

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