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Pottery Barn Pumpkin Pillows Look for Less

I have always loved these cozy pumpkin pillows from Pottery Barn! There’s such a cute way to add a bit of a fall splash to your sofas! This year I found a look for less on Amazon! So curious to see if you think the savings is worth it or if we should stick with the splurge!

These can be purchased from Pottery Barn individually or all in a set for $113. They do not come in any other sizes. The biggest one is only an orange and the smallest one is only in green, is what I mean!

I found these on Amazon and if all three were purchased, it would be $40! Amazon has a larger range of selection as each color comes in all three sizes and there are several additional colors to choose from.

Which do you feel are a better by? They’re very similar but have some key differences! I know this is one thing I really want to include in my decor this year and I haven’t decided for myself yet!

You can shop my entire fall Amazon favorites here!

I also have a collection on my LTK of my favorite fall pieces!

XO Stephanie


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