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Dining Room Makeover

A soon as we purchased this house I knew I had a vision for the dining room! There was already a really beautiful arched bar area that I knew needed to be redone to have a formal living room! Here is a before picture! I really loved the bar but since this a vacation rental property, it was our best place for a dining room!

We first painted the ceiling black! We knew we wanted to cozy up this house and make it feel more like our signature Broadmoor style! The kitchen was all white with a light oak stained cabinet island but we wanted to add in a little more contrast! The ceiling is a great place to paint because it’s way more durable than painting cabinets! Black original cabinets hold up well but unless it’s professionally done with new cabinets, I feel with renters the cabinets needed to stay white!

Next it was time to remove the bar! We had the builder of our home, Anchor Home, remove the bar and patch up the flooring! This house was pretty much brand new when we purchased it! It was custom built by a family who had a change of heart about the house after it was finished!

Next up is the wallpaper! I used Wall Snobs for this project because we have worked together in the past on my bedroom mural! We collaborated and came up with this wallpaper together! I had a vision and Wall Snobs found an artist in the Ukraine to custom hand draw our idea! The artist did an amazing job and the wallpaper is absolutely gorgeous! It’s everything I envisioned! Open till this point, everything was either black or white and this wallpaper added a middle area with a very subtle texture that added so much richness to the room!

The last part of this project was furniture! I knew when I needed new dining room chairs that Safavieh was going to be my go to! They are super fashionable, high end looking pieces but at an amazing price point! These chairs are perfect for our rent house because I wanted my dining room chairs to feel cozy and warm without any upholstery! I did not have to want to worry about upholstery! I love the keen on these chairs because that gives my soft cozy texture that softens everything up a bit! The wood grain is also absolutely gorgeous and I love that the chairs are a little bit wider then average wooden chairs which make them feel a little more luxurious!

Until this point nothing in the space was flashy or bright or really the focal point! I did the strategically so that the chandelier would really grab a lot of attention! It is oversized and full of Crystal! It reflects and shines with all of the natural light and since we painted the ceiling black I really wanted something that was going to be bright and cheerful to help elevate the space! I partnered with Crystorama on this gorgeous Bolton chandelier!

I hope you all loved the transformation of this bar area into a dining room!

XO Stephanie


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