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How to Make Any Lamp Cordless

I love this Amazon trick when it comes to hiding those pesky cords! I am going to teach you exactly how I strategically set mine up so that you are never without a ready to go charged bulb!

FIRST are the supplies!

  1. AMAZON BULB- Make sure to get a set of two! You can read below why! But it's key to making this seamless!

  2. Mavalus Tape- This tape will help you hide your cord! This tape is used for so much as it is super strong but doesn't damage anything, walls included!

  3. Shop my decor from my home office HERE!

PRO TIP to making this work seamlessly!

Get a set of two! The way these bulbs charge is by using it in a plugged in lamp and using it as a regular bulb! So always have one in a regular lamp charged and ready to go! That way when your bulb runs out of charge you can switch them and always have a charged bulb ready to go! This method is not as good as plugging in a lamp because you do have to switch out the bulbs! BUT it's a great solution when you don't have a plug, where the cord doesn't look good or where the cord is a safety hazard for babies and animals. We have a pedestal side table and the cord hanging down is dangerous for tripping!

I have an Amazon LIVE where I demonstrate how this all works and I even compare several different bulbs that I love. Not all cordless bulbs are created equal and these two I love!

XO, Stephanie


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