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Dyson Air Purifier Review

Our home is supposed to be a place that is safe, a place where we can control and shield from the outside world. There can be so many pollutants, allergens, dander, and formaldehyde inside our own homes! I love that my Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde circulates 77 gallons of air per second cleaning it at the same time! With this technology, entire rooms can be cleaned!

Shop my living room HERE!


This Dyson air purifier can be connected by their app to be controlled but also keep track of the quality of air in your home. I love seeing and knowing how clean our air is! Swipe to shop other Dyson favorites!

The unit by Dyson is quiet, sleek and a performing powerhouse! I am so happy have taken back control of the air quality in my home!

XO, Stephanie

*This Dyson purifier was sponsored but opinions are all my own!


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