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Affording Your Build: Kid’s Bathrooms

When building a home, there are all kinds of things you will want to upgrade on! When you start designing, you will feel pressured and caught up in the moment to spend more then your budget allows! One place we decided we didn’t want to break the bank on was our boy’s bathrooms! That doesn’t mean that I didn’t want it to be super cute and nice! Just means we had to get a little more creative! Let me and tell you how we went about doing this!

Here’s a photo of half of the Jack and Jill, my littlest boy’s side! We first got quoted for some really cute basket weave tile and I was going to paint their cabinets iron ore to match the rest of the house! When we got these quotes back, it was outrageous! Thousands and thousands of dollars! After getting the quotes back for the entire house, I realize this was a place I did not want to break the bank! I’m going to break it down and show you how we got creative and still made their bathroom something I was excited about! This doesn’t always mean dollar signs!


  • Pewter grout

  • No upgrades on cabinetry

  • Standard paint color to match the trim (extra white). See my POST about paint for our complete list for our entire house

  • Delta faucet linked below. This is where I really wanted to upgrade! But we got this priced with our builder and it was outrageously expensive! We chose the standard for the time being and always have the option in the future to change them out! Faucets can be relatively inexpensive!

  • Framed mirror. I would love to paint this black! That will be one of my projects coming up soon!

  • We actually chose a bathroom vanity light below for above the mirror that came in under budget! I liked how it had a little bit of character and look cute for boys!


  • We upgraded the white countertop to a gray color to add another color other then all black and white. This was right at $50 per vanity. Ideally we would’ve loved to have quartz in all the bathrooms but this is what was standard and we did not feel like spending over $1000 to upgrade was going to be worth it for us so we just upgraded the color.

  • We also paid to laminate the edge of the engineered marble. if you are putting engineered marble in your bathroom I highly suggest making the edge a little thicker! It makes a huge difference and it’s pretty inexpensive! We paid about $125 for each vanity.

When all said and done, we ordered some awesome hardware on Amazon (linked above) and bought these super cute mats! This post is totally not sponsored, I just really love these little them! You can move the little tiles around to say different things and make different designs! There are sales on them often so snag one when you can get a great deal!


Explore your standard options that are already built into your bid! Start with those things and build from there! We knew we did not want the extravagant price to have the cabinets painted a different color so I started there! I knew I wanted to keep the black and white color scheme going from our house so I know I need to pick a black tile! From there I wanted to balance the black tile with something black above so I did that with the black light and black hardware! I would have loved to do black faucets but chrome was a standard option so I went with that! I picked chrome bathroom accessories to bring that finish in! So you can see how things started to lead me from one decision to the next! This is how you can do it with your space as well!

I hope this helps inspire you to keep your head in the game and save where you can during your new build! It sure would be easy to build with an unlimited budget! But with a little bit of thought and creativity I am confident you can design something you love! XO Stephanie


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