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Amazon Hardware Favorites

There are thousands of places to buy hardware online but one of my favorite places is Amazon! Not only do they have tons of options, I love the easy return policy! I have a hard time committing to anything knowing I will have to pay for a return!

Hardware and lighting is like jewelry to your home! I do believe it’s an area where money is well spent! This doesn’t always mean you need to spend a fortune though! Sometimes you can find awesome products that look like you paid a fortune but didn’t! Unfortunately, sometimes you do need to budget out a little more for an item that you could not find a cheaper option!

Amazon has both of these categories! See my Hardware category in my Amazon Storefront! Sometimes you can find really awesome hardware that is an expensive! But they also carry hardware that is more on the pricey side! I purchased hardware from Amazon for two of my rooms! One is more on the pricey side and the other one was a total Restoration Hardware dupe!

The first room is our powder room. I found this handle a few months prior to purchasing it but kept looking for something cheaper! As I said before, my motto is lighting and hardware are good areas to bump up the feeling of the quality of your home! I looked for a cheaper option but after three months, I realized I needed to just bite the bullet and do it! I only needed four pieces in this bathroom so it was still affordable. Man, I am glad I went ahead and did it because these are amazing!

These are the two pulls and sizes I used in here! 12” and 5 1/16”! Click on the links below to take you to the listing!

In the second room, I wanted to use chrome hardware! It is close to my kitchen so I was wanting to keep a similar style but just a different finish! We purchased Restoration Hardware for our kitchen and I just could barely fork up that much money for the laundry / mudroom! This was one of those situations where it was money well spent in my kitchen! It really was a great way to make the quality look so much higher than it is! I tried so hard to find something more inexpensive but if you have read my post about my brass hardware search you know I did really exhausted all my options! Fortunately, Amazon has an amazing dupe for my hardware! They did not carry it in brass at the time so I couldn’t use it for my kitchen but they do now!

These are the dupes I found!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Sources

Here they are installed! They are so shiny! The pulls seem a bit cheaper quality because I think the chrome is coated but they are fine! The knobs are dirt cheap and beyond amazing!

Here are the links!

Here are some more of my favorites!




I hope this helps you in your search for hardware! Let me know if you have any questions! XO Stephanie


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