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Father’s Day with Walmart

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we have been planning and thinking about what we are going to do for Ben to celebrate this special day for him! He’s a wonderful dad and I love that we have a dedicated day just for him! One of my best childhood memories is all of the times my dad and I would wash the cars together! He taught me that hard work pays off and feels so good! That’s just how you feel after washing your car! This Father’s Day we are celebrating my husband by doing something that I want my kids to remember when they get big, washing our cars as a family!

To celebrate, I got Ben this really awesome seven piece car washing kit from Walmart! It has everything you need to wash your car with even a couple of extras to make your car super shiny! Walmart has an amazing selection for all of your needs for Father’s Day! Whatever hobbies your dad, husband, grandad, or any other father figure in your life likes, Walmart will have it!

Here is the link to the 7 piece car washing set we love so much!

Shop more of my favorite picks from Walmart for Father’s Day!

Swipe & click to shop!

I hope I have helped give you some ideas for Father’s Day! Walmart is a great place to shop with so many different options at great prices!

XO Stephanie


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