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4 Amazon Kitchen Favs

I am always looking for beautiful Amazon finds for your home! These are my most recent favorites that would be perfect in your kitchen!

1 | These wall art pieces are beautiful quality! They have a canvas texture but they are actually printed on wood! They come in several sizes and prints! The one on my counter is the 12x16 and the ones laying here are 8x10!

The Broadmoor House wall art

2 | These brass salt and pepper mills are my favorite! They are made of solid brass with metal parts on the inside! These will last you a lifetime! I have the silver and copper linked here!

The Broadmoor House Amazon

3 | We love these aerating wine glasses! They are definitely a party talking point but we use them all the time at home! Aerating makes such a difference with your wine! We have both the shadder-proof plastic glasses and glass glasses! We love the plastic ones for when we are grilling on the patio and the glass for when we have friends over or a nicer dinner.

The Broadmoor House wine aerating

4 | I love this marble tray! It is perfect for two bottles next to your sink! The black marble is gorgeous and such a luxe look!

The Broadmoor House Amazon marble

Other decor seen in my reel!

The Modern Locke Decor


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