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How to Make a Designer (for less) Moss Bowl!

I love simple moss bowls, especially in the warmer months but they are usually in between $200-$500 for a decent one! They are so easy to make! I wanted to share my supplies with you!

This Amazon moss is amazing! It is real moss that has gone under a process to remain soft and green forever! No watering needed! This bowl actually comes from my home decor store, Modern Locke! It is priced amazing and the detail and texture of the bowl is gorgeous! You can sign up to get 10% off your first purchase (at the bottom of this page-

*The moss I got was the green-06 .85lb. This was plenty for this bowl with plenty left over! It has a smell at first when you open the bag but it goes away quickly!

Other links from my video (scroll to see all!)

I hope this is helpful!! XO Stephanie


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