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Amazon Travel Must-Haves

When traveling, good gear is key to organization and stress-free packing! On our last trip, I tried to think about all of the things that needed improvement in my packing!


The Broadmoor House Amazon Travel

This all in one travel charger was amazing! So amazing that I use it next to my bed every night now! It has so many different configurations, and can charge so many different things at once!


  1. This purse insert fits perfectly in a tote bag the same size as the LV Neverfull MM!

  2. I love these packing cubes! I love these for organizing but they also are a great space saver! These expand and contract and are great quality!

  3. I *now* always keep this in my purse! It's skinny and great for when your phone needs a little extra battery!

  4. These are one of my TOPS!! They are extra large plastic bags! We used these for toiletries, cord organization, medicines, etc! Our medicines leaked and stayed right in this bag! they are GREAT!

  5. I get so tired of bringing so many cords, finding a place to plug them all in and keeping up with all of them! This all in one charger works amazing and now I use it next to my bed every night!

  6. I love love these shoe bags! They include two sizes great fora variety of shoes! I fit tennis shoes all the way up to my snow boots and tall knee boots in these! They keep your nice shoes protected but also keeps the germs from touching the other things in your bag!

  7. This is self explanatory right? I love this small size of the toilet spray to travel with!

  8. We don't travel without this now! It is a bag scale! You can hook it on your bag handle to weigh! This has been so handy so you don't get up to the desk with extra fees!

  9. This little 4 pack toiletry holder was so nice! It was compact and so nicely organized!

I hope these help your next trip!

XO, Stephanie


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