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Holiday Drink Recipe (for adults & kids!)

Is it really the Christmas season without a those yummy holiday drinks? Not in my book!! I have a wonderful festive recipe that is easily adaptable from a mocktail into a cocktail! It is a winter take on a root beer float but with hot chocolate! Fun for all preferences and ages! This can be easily converted to a low carb recipe too! Lets get right to the good stuff!



- White chocolate

- Regular chocolate

- Vanilla Ice cream

- Prepared hot chocolate

- Your choice of dessert liquor (emit for preference or children)

- Can whipped cream


- Cover the rims with chocolate. Melt enough white chocolate to be able to dip the rims. ( I used just a few pieces). With a micro grader, grade the regular chocolate. Dip each mug into the white chocolate and dip them immediately into the grated chocolate!

- While the rims are setting, prepare your hot chocolate!

- Put a couple scoops of ice cream in each mug, top with hot chocolate, and top that with your dessert liquor, if you choose. I love Rum Chata! But the recipe would be great with Bailey's, peppermint Bailey's, etc!

- Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with the leftover grated chocolate! Enjoy quickly! You might need a spoon for serving!

Note: if you are a low carber, use sugar free chocolates, hot chocolate, and ice cream ( I love Bryers brand!)

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Hope you enjoy! Pop over to my instagram and drop me a note and let me know how you like it!

XOXO Stephanie


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