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Holiday Charcuterie Wreath Board

This is the easiest charcuterie board, and one that is great for a party, because people can just grab a skewer and go! The best place to grab affordable charcuterie ingredients that has a huge selection of so many different flavors is Aldi! If you haven't been, check it out! You can use anything you want but below, I have everything I used!

You need a great charcuterie board! I used this one but here are so many other options from Amazon! You can easily do this with a regular round charcuterie board!

I used these 6 inch bamboo skewers! They were the perfect length!

Shop my kitchen in this post!


-Assorated cheese

-Assorted salami

-Red, orange & cherry tomatoes

-mini pickles

-Assorted olives

-Rosemary for garnish

I hope this gave you some ideas for a holiday charcuterie! The options are endless with ideas on this one!

XO Stephanie


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