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Expert Guest: The Modern Garden | How to become a First Time Plant Parent

Everything You Need to Know As a First Time Plant Parent

Do you want that modern jungle interior you saw on Instagram or Pinterest for your own home but you don't have a green thumb? Maybe you even attempted to care for some plants before and showered them with TLC, just for them to whittle away?

With our help, you can have houseplants that thrive just like the luxury interior designers do. We've curated the perfect guide for the first time plant parents. From the first step of choosing the right plants for you and your space, to how you should care for the most common houseplant issues.

The Basics

It can sometimes be a challenge to find the perfect houseplant for your space. In order for the plant to truly flourish, you have to keep its light preference in mind when choosing where to place it.

Every space provides its own unique habitat & ecosystem. When the correct plant is chosen, it will bring you years of beauty and happiness! Keep in mind, that some plants are pet friendly but most should not be chewed on or ingested and should be elevated on a shelf or counter.

You want to start by asking yourself 3 questions.

● How many hours of light does your space recieve?

● Is the light direct or indirect?

● Is your space brighter in the morning or the afternoon?

Lighting Guide & Plant Care

Most houseplants don't actually do well in bright, direct light as it can lead to leaf scorch. However, every plant needs a certain amount of light, with some more tolerant than others. So be sure to choose a plant that requires the same amount of light that the room offers.

You also want to take into consideration how much space you have. Every plant has different space requirements. Some plants will grow quickly, and are best in hanging planters. Other plants, like the Marble Queen Pothos with its viny character, will grow slowly and look great on a table.

If you are looking for a floor plant, we recommend a large potted plant like a Monstera, with a stand to fill the space. The stand will not only make them more visible, but also allow them to access more light.

Another factor in choosing the right plant for your space, is how much time and care you can provide your new plant baby. Keep in mind that each plant is different, watering and upkeep depends on size, type of plant, sunlight, humidity, and temperature.

Check your plants soil moisture every few days until you have a good idea on how often the plant requires watering. You can then create a weekly watering schedule based on the results.

With most houseplants, you should water them when the soil feels dry to the touch. The best way to tell is by sticking your finger, knuckle deep into the soil. If your finger comes out with moist soil stuck to your finger, then Do not water the plant. If your finger comes back with little to no dirt that is dry, its time to water your plant.

When watering your houseplants make sure the container they are in has proper drainage holes. You can place the plant in your kitchen sink/bathtub and water them deeply. Let them sit until all water has stopped draining.

If you are looking for a plant that doesn't require much attention, infrequent watering, and extremely tolerant of a variety of conditions, a Jade Pothos or Snake Plant would be perfect. If you are interested in giving more time and attention to your plant and want to be slightly challenged, a Philodendron Birkin would make a great option.

Where to buy beginner friendly plants?

Ready to turn your home into a modern garden? Or just simply want some green to compliment your interior aesthetic? If you’ve been wanting greenery to spruce up your space, you can always head over to your local nursery...

But if you’re looking for a plant that’s straight out of an interior magazine, Modern Garden’s got your back. All plants have been grown locally with care and are pre-potted in a modern design planter. You don’t even have to leave your home to get your new plant baby. Find the perfect one to grow at!


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