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Brewing the perfect cup of coffee!

What you need to start!

⬇️ you need something to grind your coffee that is on the higher end! It does really make a difference! This is as good as you can get when it comes to grinding coffee! It’s immediate and will last you a lifetime! These have been used for centuries! Men used to wear them in their belts during war to make coffee! Now the company makes these for the public and pepper grinders as well! Coffee grinder linked!

⬇️ coffee beans lose freshness the moment they touch the air! It’s very important to keep your beans in a completely sealed container that is airtight! This one has two lids one that goes all the way down to the beans and the ones to the top! Coffee canister linked here!

⬇️ I love this French press! I love how it matches the gold on the coffee grinder! Linking it to Amazon!

⬇️ The cutest coffee mugs! Linked here!

⬇ These are the measuring cups that I used in my video! I love these because they look really cute as she decor, but really functional!

1. Make sure to use a canister for coffee beans! One that has two lids! One to seal all the way down on the beans and one for the top. Your coffee beans immediately lose freshness as it hits the air.

2. Grind your beans right before brewing with a high end grinder! Grounds lose their taste and freshness insanely fast so it’s best to do it right before! This beautiful brass grinder from my store @modernlocke grinds so easily but also the perfect consistency!

3. Heat your water to 200 degrees. Any higher than that and you risk burning your coffee!

4. Use a French press! This may seem old-school, but people are finding out with the combination of the fresh grounds and the press that it gives the most fresh cup of coffee!

5. Use about 2T of grounds per 6 oz of water!

6. Let your grounds steep for around 4 minutes.

All of the tips above are approximations! Everyone likes their coffee, a little different! Brew a few cups of coffee and make adjustments to make the perfect cup just for you! Maybe it’s adding a little more beans or a little more brewing time to make it a little stronger!


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