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Copy of DIY: Elevate an Inexpensive Table into a Designer Style

The moment I saw this table, I had a vision for it! I just knew I needed to try it and make the table of my dreams! I love this inexpensive table! The quality is great, and the shapes and size are perfect!


INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Build the table! I made a reel on Instagram sharing some of my favorite tips for building kit furniture! During the stage, I did not attach the table top just yet!

Step 2: Set up your spray paint tent! I love this tent, because you can't set it up anywhere! It's great for garage is, backyards, driveways! I love that you don't have to worry about the wind or grass, and about the spray paint getting on anything!

Set 3: Make sure to prep the surface properly! Whether that means sanding or priming! I did not do much to prep the surface on this project. I decided I'm going to take my chances on this one. 😂 if it was a piece that we would be heavily using, and interacting with, I would have done some thing.

Step 4: make sure to shake your spray paint really well! I used this one! If you don't shake it up enough, I can create an uneven coat, and look blotchy! I shake in between sprays as well! Start with a very light coat, and keep adding! This keeps the coat more even and illuminates your risk of dripping! Follow the spray paint can directions to know how far apart the coats should be!

Step 5: Now it is time to transform the top of the table! I used this contact paper from Amazon! I loved the bold black marble design! The top of the table is actually pretty big! I had to get a special size to fit! I loved the quality of this contact paper! It was really easy to smooth! You can watch my reel on Instagram to see how I folded over the corners! They look really good! I also used a blow dryer on the edges to shrink the product, a little bit to fit more snug and look more authentic!

Step 6: Attach the top of the table to the base!

Step 7: I am very particular about the gold in my home! There is definitely a tone and color that I prefer! I absolutely love rub and buff but it is a little dry for this application! I decided to mix my favorite spray paint with the rub and buff for a perfect consistency and color! I just sprayed some spray paint in a bowl and added the rub and buff and mixed together! It dries really quickly in your bowl, so you have to move fast!

Here is the final reveal! I absolutely love the way this table turned out! I was a perfect mix of glam, modern and transitional!


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