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CREATING LUXURY: You can have white in your home!

I have a series going on on my TikTok, YouTube and Instagram where I will be focusing on all of my tips and tricks to creating a luxury home! This may be a round up of my favorite Amazon pieces but also may be bet places to splurge! Today, I am focusing on how to create luxury by having the freedom to decorate with the pieces YOU really want to! Don't skip out on a white couch just because you are afraid of the white or a light colored rug! I go your back! I'm sharing with you how I have all of those things while having kids, a dog and a husband! haha!

QUICK SHOPPING LINKS TO MY VIDEO: (click the links below!)

  1. My favorite stain resistant, machine washable rugs LINKED HERE! Use my code THEBROADMOORHOUSE10 for a discount!

  2. My white counter stools that are machine washable with performance fabric LINKED HERE! Also 20% off right now!

  3. Black velvet dining chairs LINKED HERE.

  4. LINK to my slipcovered sofa! I have performance Warm White which is an old fabric BUT they have so many new ones!

  5. My favorite pillow covers are LINKED HERE! My favorite Amazon inserts I have LINKED HERE! I love covers because they can be removed and spot cleaned or machine washed as needed! I would always be cautious to hand wash or an easy load cycle in your machine! Most of the time, hang drying is going to help keep the integrity of your shape and size as well!

Needless to say, you do not have to have a dark, brown home if you have a dog or kids! I am giving you the gift of FREEDOM to have the home you want by strategizing your purchases! I love being able to wash everything and I honestly prefer to see when things get dirty! If you have a dark brown couch that is not easily washable but really good at hiding everything.... well you get it right? I'm not sure I would want to sit on that everyday LOL!

You can shop these views of my home by clicking each one!

I hope this was helpful!

XO Stephanie


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