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DIY Magnolia & Copper Fall Wreath

First of all, I know it’s only August but these hot temperatures here in Texas have me dreaming of cooler days! Will it work? Will making this wreath bring the cooler temperatures? 😂😂 Only time will tell!

All of the supplies used for my wreath is from Hobby Lobby! I purchased the magnolia wreath several years ago and I have actually never used it! So I’m exited to add a few things to it to spruce it up! Do you have any old wreaths you can add new things to to make it look new?

SUPPLIES: All from Hobby Lobby!

  • Magnolia wreath

  • 2 stems of copper leaves. Mine have some shimmer to them. $7.99 and then 40% off Fall items makes them $4.79 each. I ended up only using one of these!

  • 2 stems of copper glitter berries. $11.99 and 40% off fall items makes them $7.19 each. I used one but had two in case I needed extra!

  • Mini hot glue gun and gorilla hot glue sticks. This glue takes a little bit longer to set up but it is so much stronger than regular hot glue! I love my mini hot glue gun because it is much easier to slip in tight spaces!

I set up my station and I started with the leaves first!

Wreath design for the fall

I tried to tuck them in so they sort of look like they were part of the wreath! I also wanted the copper leaves to stick out a little further to make the wreath look a little more wispy.

I left a few leaves to finish up with at the end for any bare spots. I then cut the berries off in chunks and added them around evenly! I even added some on the inside of the wreath.

And.... done! I think my new favorite fall color this year is going to be copper! Have you started thinking about what your style is going to be this year? I have already started posting some super cute fall pillows! Here are a few of my favorites!

I hope my new fall wreath has inspired you on how easy it is to make a wreath and how you can spiff up wreaths you might already have! Be sure to be looking for my new Instagram post later today showing where it’s going to hang this fall! XO Stephanie


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