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Coffee Table Styling + Spring Decor Ideas

It is always great to start fresh in the Spring! I always change out my foliage and brighten some of my colors up from the Winter! Your coffee table is a great place to start! I have some of my favorite coffee tables from all kinds of budgets to beautiful new Spring coffee table decor ideas!

My old cocktail ottoman was one of my favorite pieces, although it still is it is never in stock! For now, I grabbed a new table that I could do some decor on! Did you see my reel on Instagram? It was a fun one to make! You can shop my leopard skirt and graphic tee from Amazon!

My coffee table + links for the decor


Coffee Table (similar) \ Black Vase\ White flowers\ Tom Ford book\ Linen Tray\ Brass Bowl\ Marble coasters\ Book holder\ Chanel book\ Black Bowl\ Rug \ Olive Tree \ Floor Mirror

Similar Coffee Tables

Reel Amazon Outfit details

Shop my top and skirt HERE!

Coffee Tables

Find more coffee tables in my Amazon Storefront Coffee Table Category!

Coffee Table Decor

Coffee Table Books

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