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Sprucing Up Guest Rooms In Time for Holiday Company

With the holidays fast approaching many of us will be expecting family and friends to visit. Wouldn't it be nice to welcome them and make them feel right at home by adding a few special things to our guest rooms.


We all miss our beds when we are away! Making sure your guest bed is cozy, warm, inviting is so important! Here are a few pieces to make your guest bed 5 star from Amazon!

1. Highly Rated sheets on Amazon! $19

2. Hotel style duvet 45% off $43

3. My favorite duvet insert 100% down $63

4. My favorite mattress pad makes your bed cozy and literally a cloud! Such great feedback from you all that you love it too! $66

Here are some more beautiful bedding pieces I love! Scroll to see more!


Part of welcoming and making your guests feel more at home is organizing those special touches like medicine, some nice shampoo & conditioner, luxurious toiletries that make their stay feel special but importantly make them feel important and spoiled!

1. These apothecary glass jars are so perfect for filling with bathroom necessities like Q Tips, cotton swabs, and even some small luxury beauty products.

2. This spinning lazy susan is perfect to set up under your vanity and put misc products and medicines on!

3. This jewelry stand (in silver or in gold) is perfect for your guests to have a safe place to leave their jewlery! I have one in my master bathroom and I love it! 4. These drawers are perfect for storing anything from extra wash cloths to toiletries!

I asked you all for your suggestions and got lots of great ideas as to what would make our guest feel comfortable and at home! Here are some of the ideas that were shared!

  1. Cute welcome tray of treats & snack basket for munchies.

  2. Emergency essentials such as Advil, Tylenol & Pedialyte.

  3. WiFi password frame to get access to home Internet.

  4. Extra towels & blankets in the closet along with a linen spray.

  5. Shower caddy with bathroom essentials like shampoo, toothpaste, & Q-tips.

  6. Clear out closet space for their clothing storage and have a luggage rack.

  7. Place fan and/or sound machine for their use, if needed.

  8. Brighten up the room with a fresh flower bouquet, bottled water, & sweets.

  9. Leave a set of extras, such as toothbrushes, razors, makeup towelettes in a cute apothecary jar.

  10. Place a delightful smelling candle in the room along with a lighter for a constant fresh & clean scent.

  11. A thoughtful placement of a nightlight in the guest bathroom.

  12. Leave a guest book in the room for your guest to sign in & leave a nice note.

  13. Extra special touch of folding the toilet paper hotel style.

Thank you for hanging with me today! Feel free to reach out on Instagram for some extra help!




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