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Spring Patio Refresh

You may be wondering, if you missed our announcement back at the end of the year, who's front porch is this? It's ours! We purchased a new house to renovate this year! Our timeline has gotten pushed because of some projects we have been working on, but we will be renovating and hopefully very soon! So many things on this porch will change, like a new door, Landscaping and even a new courtyard! But until then, this porch is still beautiful and so fun to decorate! I have all of the details and links for you in this post! All pieces are either from Amazon, Walmart, Target or our on online home decor store Modern Locke!


These beautiful cement planters give that organic modern feel! They are lowerish in stock so if you weren't about to grab them from you store, try these! We used these at our other house and love the features! Both have the same shape and size!


I have been using these faux plants all over our outdoor spaces this year! You can see this video where I show you all of my favorite ones, including the lavender! They are all UV resistant, waterproof and great to use year after year! The best part is you don't have to water! No maintenance is a win in my book! :)


Do these chairs look familiar to you? They are the same ones from Amazon that Oprah and Megan Markle sat in during their interview! They are beautiful chairs and the quality is great! Bonus, they are priced great!!


This gold pot and pillows have such a special place in my heart! They are available in our limited home decor box The Broadmoor Box No.2! It is a Spring box full of beautiful patio pieces! They include both of these items! Check out our website to grab the box before its gone! The faux floral in these pots are from this video! I used two sprigs of each!

These pillows are waterproof! My favorite outdoor insert can be found HERE!


I have had this wreath in several colors! They sometimes come out with new ones seasonally! I love this creamy white soft wreath! You can shop it here!


This door mat is great because if you have a double door it will go all the way across! Great Amazon find!


These battery solar light topiaries are some of my all time favorite finds! I have 6 of these and use them at our AirBNB too! They have a timer and turn on and off at the same time every evening automatically! They are so pretty and add such a fun touch!


My $26 Amazon top is one of my favorite shirts! I find myself always grabbing it! It's flattering and has a really pretty cut! I will link it here for you!

I hope this was helpful in inspiring you to refresh your patio space! Have a great day!

XO Stephanie


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