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Spring Back Porch Reveal

One of the reasons why we decided to build and move from our old house was because we wanted more outdoor space and a dream of mine was to really have an "outdoor living" space as part of it! Our first summer season we kept things simple, but this season I have put together a super fun and cozy living space on our back porch! I had the privilege to work with several amazing companies to make this all come together! I chose to keep everything pretty black and white and let the flowers and plants that I added to the space be the color! I chose purple for my main flower color and there are also accents of white and pink! Everything in this space is affordable! I'm excited to share with you how to came together!

My new black and white Helga patio sofa from Safavieh is such a fun design! I love the sectional design with the large side table that is built in! This built in side table lifts up and has a large storage space which is amazing for storing all of my sweet boys' toys! Our back porch does not have a ton of extra space so to have this incorporated is so nice! The covers also zip right off to give them a good washing!!

My Safavieh black and white Maize pillows are also gorgeous! The base is a neutral linen material that looks amazing paired with white! The black detail is actually velvet! The textures make this pillow so gorgeous! I love the Safavieh Lonelli pillow too because it is reversible and can be white or gray! I love how tassels add a fun and cozy texture to your design!

The Safavieh Kaston concrete ribbed planter has stollen my heart! It is study and heavy so it withstands the crazy Texas wind like nothing! Apart from the planter being able to stand alone, the ribbed adds such a great new texture and pattern! sent me the most awesome lanterns in a medium and large size! Use BROADMOOR15 for 15% off! What makes them so unique is that they are solar powered! They charge all day and come on at night automatically when the sun goes down, This has been super fun to have these come on on their own at night and to see the glow of these outside our living window!

It does not get any softer than a Sunset Snuggles blanket! use BROADMOOR10 for a discount! They are about the coziest blanket you will find! This blanket comes in so many different colors and even one with tassels! There is no better thing in this world than snuggling up with my boys under a Sunset Snuggle blanket! You can see where the name of this company came from, right?

This rope chair from Target actually comes in a set of two! They are extremely well priced for the quality! What I love most about this chair is that it looks like an inspired version of a very expensive chair! You all know I love a good look for less! The chair swivels as well as spins! Its the perfect chair to keep an eye on the boys because I can twist and turn every which way keeping on eye on them!

Our dining set is one we snagged a couple years ago from Costco! It is a teak 8 piece set that we had our eye on one season before we moved into our new house! We were living in an airplane hangar while our house was being built so we weren't quite ready for it! One day while walking through Costco, we saw the display model for sale and about the most ridiculously low price! I might have made a fool of my self because I pretty much died when I saw our dream table so low! You all know I love a good sale and this one was a sale of a lifetime!

Last, but definitely not least, my outdoor washable Ruggable rug! Use FUNBROADMOOR10 for a discount! This is my 5th Ruggable in my house! This should speak volumes alone because I have chosen to put these washable rugs all over my house! I love the huge selection of rugs but also the fact that they are stain resistant AND machine washable! While being a young and growing family that we are right now, I need to be prepared for anything and Ruggable helps me do just that! I have an 8x10" here!

I hope I have helped you envision how you can spiff up your own outdoor living space with my very affordable porch reveal! To have a good design doesn't mean it has to be very expensive! For more inspo and shopping sources, make sure to follow me on Instagram! I keep you all updated on the best sales and finds each day!

XO Stephanie

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As-I-Am !
As-I-Am !
Apr 11, 2021

This is so beautiful! I am in the very beginning stage of building my farmhouse and you have given me so many great ideas!

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