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My Living Room Favs

Creating a living room that is not only cozy but stylish has been so fun! I am loving the deep contrasts with a fun edgy flair! Here are some of my favorite pieces from my living room!

  1. Find furniture you love that will last you sometime. This will be one of your largest purchases so it needs to last! We chose slip covers so we could wash. With little kids, staining is our biggest issue we face! These couches are 6+ years old and not a stain! We grabbed fabric samples and did stain tests to figure out which fabrics worked best and which wouldn’t wrinkle very easily. Make sure the are comfy and look great. They do exist!

Here are my couches:

Here are some other favorites of mine:

2. This ottoman is the best find of all time! It looks high end but at a low price! I love the texture and coloring that it brings to this room! I love that my kids can lay on it and use it as a play table!

3. I love our Ruggable in our living room! I love the stain resistant properties and the fact that I can throw it right into the washing machine! It takes all the pressure off when it comes to my kids "living" in the living room!

Here are some of my favorite Ruggables!

4. Dramatic lighting is like jewlery to your outfit! You can keep things relatively simple by strategically picking lighting you love! Here are my picks!

Here are other chandeliers that would be beautiful in your living room!

5. Fill your room with accents that become your base. When you switch out things from season to season, these thing stay! This is a good idea to be willing to splurge in this area because they will last you awhile!

If you have any questions, head to my IG and send me a message! I would love to help you in any way I can!

XO Stephanie


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