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My Favorite Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are an integral part of my decor! They add so much to each decor spot: kitchen counter corners, book shelves (duh, right? haha), coffee tables, nightstands, side tables, console tables, etc. They can add height, color, conversation starters, change of texture, helps keep decor simple, layering your decor can help keep it from feeling repetitive, adds variety, and so much more!

Most of my books are designer books! This doesn't always mean expensive! For example, this Chanel book is usually around $25! But some of them cost close to $100! But if you follow me on Instagram, I know where these books go on sale and am always letting my readers know when there is a deal! Even up to 60% off! But even at full price, these books are totally worth it! Designer books help elevate the decor pieces around! I'm not talking about height, I'm talking about what I like call "guilty by association"! This is when you strategically pick out your high and low end pieces to make them all look high! Now, this can go the other direction and your low end pieces can bring down your high end pieces. This is my specialty and by hanging around, I'll make sure this doesn't happen to you!

Here is a good example for you! Here is my living room! I have plenty of high end pieces in here:

And plenty of low end (check out the price of that ottoman! I know, crazy! The Restoration Hardware installers were at my house and they told me they loved my RH ottoman... nope! Amazon and probably doesn't even cost the amount of tax on one piece from there!)

I have strategically picked my high end and low end pieces to make them all look high end! I could not have achieved this without my books! Designer books are usually bold with contrast that really adds to your design as well!

Here are some of my favorite Amazon books!

This Gucci book looks gorgeous with the cover but see my picture for what it looks like without! Its all black and gold!


This Garden book is amazing! It doesn't come with a cover! It's a beautiful green and light pink! So pretty for Spring and summer! It's also inexpensive!

I love this book! This has a cover but under you can see in my picture, its a warm and gold color! Great price too!

This AD book is amazing! It has no paper cover and is a gorgeous warm linen cover!

This LV book has a cover! I like keep it on because I love it!

This is a great inexpensive book! It has a paper cover! Under is black and silver! You can see it in the picture above!

This books is awesome because it is like a two for one! It has a hard board cover that the book slips into! I use both for decor! The cover looks like its a book! So I feel like this book, your getting two!

This is a great inexpensive book too! This is a paper cover which is gorgeous! Under is matte black with shiny black text!

This is the paper cover but you can see in my picture, under is a flax linen cover! I love how it makes such an impact for any Spring and Summer decor!

I hope this helps! Thanks for reading!!

XO Stephanie


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