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DIY Picture Light Wreaths

Once I get all of my main Christmas decorations up, I'd love to add little details around the house and one of my favorite places to do that is adding little swag to my picture lights in my entryway! This late in the season, a lot of my supplies were from last year and sold out, but I have so many very similar pieces for you!

WREATHS (10.5")

Linking the ones I used HERE! But I have a very similar option on Amazon HERE! And gorgeous ones HERE!

RIBBON (5/8")

I used this ribbon HERE! Linking a VERY similar one HERE from Amazon!


FRAMES (26" | 11" picture)

These frames are an amazing price! They are very similar to target pricing and also a third of the price as pottery barn!

I hope this is helpful and I hope this gives you inspiration to add a little swag around your house!

XO Stephanie


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