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Halloween Bookshelf Styling

I love when seasons change and you can add new fun pieces to your existing decor! I recently got an amazing gold bookshelf and have been so excited to get it styled! Shelving can add a lot of texture, detail, interest and even make a room feel cozier by just softening those big blank walls! Here are some of my favorite pieces I used on my bookshelf!


You can shop my new cabinet here! It is on clearance and an amazing price!!

My top is one of my favorites! Are the bows sleeves not the cutest!? I love coated jeans because they are so comfortable! They are so breathable because they are just fabric with a shiny coating over them! They are much better than faux leather or real leather because they are so breathable! Linking similar ones here!

I found this adorable pumpkin IRL at Homegoods but you can shop my book on sale HERE on Amazon!

This Mackenzie Childs jack-o-lantern from Amazon in a bit of a splurge BUT is so worth it! It lights up and will be your new favorite fall/ Halloween decor piece!

I love putting these little skeletons ALL over the place! This gold base is from a candle holder old from Pottery Barn! I am going to link a similar glass cloche for you on Amazon!

This is an amazing priced planter that is a really good size! Very indicative of the Linden designer lamp! Find it on Amazon HERE!

These cast Target brass pumpkins are my favorite Halloween piece this year in the Target collection! Amazing priced and gorgeous!

This Target skull candle holder is amazing! So creative and adds such fun twist! The box is from a set! It is not available in the black but found it in gold!

These boxes are gorgeous and amazing quality! They are great for storage in the office, bathroom etc.! I love that you cn separate them or use them all together like this!

I found this tray IRL at Homegoods and this Pumpkin is old at Target but linking a very similar one!

These pumpkins are the perfect filler! They come in so many colors and SO affordable on Amazon! I will link my Louis Vuitton book and my gorgeous black bowl!

These flowers and vases are such a gorgeous combo! The metal contrasted with the soft dried flowers are perfection!


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