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DIY Dipped Vase Tutorial

I love these dipped vases but they are super expensive when they look SO EASY to replicate! This is a super easy project but take note, there are a couple tips I am going to give you that will make this project PERFECT! How do I know? Well.. because I made the mistakes for you first!




- Any glass vase! Here is a link to my vase & other vases.

- Primer all in one (or separate) spray paint in any color. Here is what I used.


1. Find any glass vase! Make sure to clean and dry with dawn dish soap to make sure the paint will stick!

2. Use Frog Tape to make you horizontal line! I tried to make mine look just like the original piece but you can do it how ever you would like! Press the edge SO tight to seal! You can even rub a damp cloth over the edges to really activate the seal (great wall painting tip too)!

3. Cover the top with anything! I used plastic wrap but you can use newspaper or anything! Make sure to tape around to get a good seal!

4. Spray paint with a primer and paint in one (or you can use separate). Do a very light coat! Light is best so you don't get any drips!

5. It will be ready to re-coat within minutes! Do as many light coats you need!

6. Pull off the tape before it dries (like wall paint too) or it will not make a clean line! I made this mistake!!! My 7 year old son warned me but I didn't listen! Once the tape is off, let it dry upside down!

I used clear cabinet bumpers on the bottom so the paint never sits on my surfaces! You know how spray paint can be... it can peel off if it touches anything for too long!

Here is the finished product! I am so excited about this project that I am going to go paint one more after I sign off here! What do you think? Is it worth the splurge or is the save good enough?


Make sure to follow me on IG to follow along with me on all of my projects each day! Thanks for reading and happy spray painting!!

XO Stephanie


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