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Picking out a new Washer and Dryer with Conn's HomePlus

When picking out finishes for our new home, our laundry room was one room we left as a clean slate so we could really do something thought out and fun later down the road! I wanted to see how my style evolved to know which direction we wanted to go for our design! Our first step in renovating was getting a new washer and dryer!

We decided to partner with Conn's HomePlus for our washer and dryer set because I love Conn's focus on truly helping the people in their community, one story at a time! When visiting with one of the employees in the store, they told me a story that really stuck with me! A single mom, with a handful of kids, walked into Conn's and said her washer and dryer was broken and heard that they could help despite the fact that she did not have good credit or cash on hand. Because Conn's has their own bank and financing program, they were able to send her home with a nice set and setup the payments to where it actually was affordable to her AND raised her credit score! Conn's not only is dedicated to sending their customers home with something they didn't imagine was possible, but to do it in a way that actually benefitstheir credit in the long run! Their dedication to customers inside their store and outside, with their Conn's Cares program, is why we decided to go with Conn's HomePlus!

We checked all of the other big box stores and found that Conn's had the lowest price and also the fastest delivery! With Conn's, if your appliance purchase is higher than $799 you get free delivery and installation!

Here is where the laundry room started out! Laundry rooms are so fun to design because they are considered one of those spaces where you can pretty much do whatever you want! If you wanted to do something different and fun in a space in your home, a laundry room is a perfect place for it! Before starting our design, we needed to get our new appliances!

So off to Conn's HomePlus we went to decide on what to get! The employees were so helpful in making our decision! They completely sold us on the GE Venting System Washer and Dryer set in navy with the pedestals. Several of my readers on IG told me to beware of front loaders and their mildewing issues! This GE set completely fixes all of the complaints people have with front loaders! Here are a few features that I love!-Auto Dispense- You can put a bulk amount of detergent in the dispenser and each wash it pulls exactly how much it needs! No more having to put in detergent each load!-Wash and Dry- The washing machine washes..... and dries!! It's a slower cycle and should be used with a small amount of clothes. This will be so great when I forget to wash my son's pants before school and I can just put them in the washer and by morning they will be ready to go! -The Venting System blows and dries the washer out after your finished using it! The opening is also made with a material that contains MicroBan so it is unable to grow bacteria!

Fast forward two days and they had arrived! The process was easy and effortless! They did a great job installing! I couldn’t wait to use these and try out all of the features!

Fast forward to now! I have had my units for a while and I have to say, Conn's helped me make the best choice! We absolutely love all of the features and they are fitting our family and the goals I had for my laundry room perfectly! The venting system, auto dispense and wash and dry feature and most definitely my favorite features! Well, maybe second to how nice it is to not have to bend over anymore and the fact that my clothes have never been cleaner!

We are now to the designing stage of the laundry room makeover! Since we picked a navy blue set, my previous ideas had to be shifted a bit! I am going to keep the black and white theme to my laundry room, but I am going really incorporate the color in my wallpaper! We are going to be adding new wall tile, wood wall treatment, wallpaper, new faucet, hardware and lighting! I can't wait to see the rest of the project come to life! I am so happy that we chose Conn's HomePlus to partner with for this project! You should check out their location finder to see if you have one near you!

XO Stephanie


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