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Three Ways to Decorate Your Nightstands

Hi there! Today I am going to show you and give you tips on three ways you can decorate your nightstands! I even have thrown in a fall inspired arrangements to get us thinking about what we might see you very soon!

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I believe, most of the time, less is more! I believe splurging in a couple of pieces make more of a statement then having to over purchase to make look good! For example, one of my favorite decor items is my Louis Vuitton book. It is not a very cheap book but I actually was able to find it on Amazon for $45! This book makes such a big statement that I only need to add a few other pieces to complete the look! So in the end, you end up spending the same amount of money or even less because you have pieces you love for a long time but also you have no need to over decorate to make a statement! This doesn’t always have to mean that the item was expensive! There are so many great places to buy furniture and decorating items at affordable prices now! I am talking about the level of love you have for that item! I follow this concept when decorating nightstands but also follow this concept when buying furniture and decorating a living room!

Here is an example: five years ago we splurged on living room furniture and bought what we really loved from Pottery Barn! Not only has the quality lasted but we love the pieces so much that five years later, I love it more than the day I bought it! They are also such beautiful pieces that I don’t feel like I have to buy a lot of extra decorating items to make them look good! This allows me to follow the concept of ‘less is more” in this room! Now you may ask, it is not in my budget to buy nicer pieces like that! Again, I’m really more talking about the pieces that you love rather than the value of money! but if you’re anything like me, that usually means the item might be a little more of a splurge! If I would have purchased furniture that I didn’t love as much, when we moved into our new house a few months ago we would’ve 100% purchased new pieces! I cannot tell you how much money we have saved over the years because I don’t have to buy so many decorating items and we are no where close to buying new furniture! so I am encouraging you to really shop for the things you really love!


With this look I wanted to you add in some color! I put the lamp 1/3 from the left, a stack of books to the right with a vase, a little something like a clock to the left and then I always love to soften up any nightstand with a little bit of greenery so I threw in that flower!

This look is actually super affordable! The only item on the nightstand that was a splurge was the book! The lamp is from target, the book we found in my husband’s architecture books, the flower arrangement is less than five dollars from Target, and the blue and white pottery is from the Goodwill!



With this design, I wanted to show how you can add some larger scale artwork to your nightstand without having to commit to hanging something on the wall! This way you can change things out! Especially if you have wallpaper like me I do not want to put any nail holes in because there’s no way to patch it! It also looks really cute when you have more than one picture layered! Adding height like this to your nightstand can really help make your nightstand feel more full if one of your main complaints is that it looks bare!

This wall art is a digital file from BFF Print Shop, printed as a giclee print on fine art paper, and framed from an open frame from! I love how affordable it is but I also love how you can change out the print depending on the season and if you just want to change up things! If you have questions about the framing on this, I have a highlight saved on my Instagram showing how I did this exactly!

I found this awesome vase in my mother-in-law‘s garage and purchased these flowers from hobby lobby! This lamp was an awesome steal from HomeGoods a few years ago!



When transforming some of your spaces to fall, you’re really just looking to add some of those fall colors and maybe a little fall trinket of some sort!

One thing I love to add to nightstands is a dimmer so you have the freedom to place you lamp anywhere on your nightstand! You can set it on the corner of your nightstand or attach to the side of your nightstand! And the ability to dim really creates a nice ambiance! Don’t you love a good Amazon find? Another amazon find we love is a cord organizing port! We velcro right behind our headboard on each side so it’s tucked away on each side! All linked below!

Hope you all have some good ideas for nightstands and that this helps a little bit! Have a great weekend! XO Stephanie


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