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Designer Pillow Hacks!

Now days, most pillows are sold separately from their insert! They can be a struggle to put in the cover, as well as getting all the right sizes! I'm going to help give you tips on all of these!


  1. Lay your pillow insert out on a countertop, chop it in half and fold it over, like a hotdog!

  2. Slide the insert in and move each corner to the right corner!

  3. Zip up the bottom and fluff the pillow to distribute evenly!

PRO TIP with sizing: to make sure you have nice luxurious, filled inserts, always size of 2 inches in your insert size! For example, if you have a 20" x 20"pillow cover, use a 22" x 22" insert!

These inserts are always a great deal! The quality is great, and I love the price!

I absolutely love these covers! The quality is amazing, and they are all handmade by a small business, Land of Pillows! I absolutely love this business owner as she is such a hard worker working for her family! She has given us a coupon code, so make sure to use BROADMOOR10 on your purchases! The only exclusion to my code is, it cannot be used on designer fabrics! She has already priced those as low as she can go!


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