Amazon Prime Day Requests

I am so excited that it’s Amazon’s Prime Day and I am covering the sale for you! Check out my stories on my Instagram to see what the latest deals are with details and you can also visit my Prime Day Amazon Storefront Category with all of my favorite deals from the sale!

On Friday, I asked you all what you were looking for from the sale and I picked several of you to shop for and I have linked them all for you here!

LED vanity mirror

LED makeup mirror $15 off

Dresser- there aren’t any good dressers on the sale right now but this one is a great price and really beautiful!

Cream or blush 96” blackout curtains - these are $28 for 96 inch Black out curtains for two panels! They come in so many colors! Amazing reviews!

Good quality bedskirt! $11!

Black round coffee table - this coffee table is 21% off and only $118! It looks really nice!

Nugget ice maker- I have heard this is the best small one on the market! So many swear by it! It’s $100 off and I actually grabbed one this morning!

Dining set for 6 people- I didn’t see any great ones on the prime day sale but the Walmart big day sale is today and they have some great ones!!

Doorbell camera- this one is very popular and on a great sale! $44

Here is the one I have! Wire free version & Wired version Both are $50 off

36” pivoting bathroom mirror

Patio sets





This one is 30% off great reviews!

This one is 20% off and great reviews too!

Treadmill- The original price of this one is $799 and it’s marked down to $499!

Kitchen table - The deal on this table and so many other pieces of furniture that I found here also linked is incredible! They are mostly at least 50% off!

More deals from this sale

stylish office chair that looks like an arm chair

This one doesn’t have arms but it’s 60% off and $161! It’s gorgeous! I’m considering it now lol

Black wallpaper- this is not on the sale but it’s my favorite black wallpaper and on Amazon!

Tineco floor vacuum that is cordless $120 off!

Tv console- I didn’t see any great ones on the sale so far but I have an Amazon Storefront Category with all of my favorites in there and there are some really beautiful ones!